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Why I think clowns are scary

Updated: Mar 2

Picture this: a man stands in front of you. His identity is concealed under layers of white and red paint. His hair is disguised under a bright red wig. His clothes are oversized and hanging off of his body. The terrifying person that you just pictured was a clown. Believe it or not, but some people actually believe that clowns look friendly and sometimes even cute. Clowns are disturbing and horrifying and in no way should they ever be considered as cute. However, it’s not just a clown’s unnerving appearance that makes them scary, it’s also their reported involvement in crimes all around the world.

Having a general dislike of the way clowns look starts at a young age for a lot of people. In 2008, the University of Sheffield surveyed 250 children and found that most of the children disliked or were even afraid of clowns. The displeasure towards clowns doesn’t stop there. Even some adults find that a clown’s makeup is creepy. Maybe it’s a clown’s outfit that freaks them out, or maybe it’s their perpetual and oversized smile.

In the last half of 2016, police departments all around the world got a sudden spike of reports about clowns committing crimes and terrorizing people out in public. The increase of clown activity was believed to be because of a movie about a killer clown called “It”. Megan Bell was just one of the victims of a clown’s harassment. Bell was walking down a street at night when she was confronted by someone in a clown costume. The clown proceeded to chase Bell as she ran away screaming for help. With the increase in illegal activity from clowns, clowns are getting a reputation of not only being unsettling, but dangerous and threatening.

The most common counterclaim that clown sympathizers use is that clowns are just normal people who are wearing a silly costume. However, that silly costume just acts as a disguise to conceal their identity. Researchers have determined that when giving anonymity, people are more likely to act rude, aggressive, or even commit crimes. This adds a layer of unpredictability to clowns.

Clowns became a thing to make people laugh and have fun. However, when a clown is nearby, a lot of people say that they get uncomfortable and nervous. Clowns are terrifying in both the way they look and the crimes they commit. Clowns are scary, and that’s nothing to laugh about.

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