• Jordan Madden

Why Twitter is faster than earthquakes

Updated: Mar 1

Although Twitter is a massive online media platform, with a billion dollar algorithm and structure that keeps the app running. The real reason why people use Twitter, isn't about any of that. Early on in the internet's development, Twitter keyed into a very important aspect of the digital world. People. Twitter does an amazing job at letting a creator relay information instantly to an audience. Because of this new connection that's formed between celebrities and their fans, journalists and concerned individuals, restaurants and its customers. We as a species have massively boosted our connectivity using twitter.

Imagine that you're in your New York City apartment, Tweeting at the Wendy's Twitter account on your phone. When you start seeing Tweets about an earthquake that's happening in Virginia. By the time you can even refresh you page to find out more about what's happening, you just start to feel the earthquake yourself. This exact situation happened in 2011. Twitter is faster than earthquakes.

Despite what many may believe, Twitter isn't just useful for calling out natural disasters as they are happening. From what i've learned with my time using the app and taking advertising courses on Twitter Flight School. The marketing potential on Twitter is considerable high.

Twitter has a well made ad engager and tailored audiences unique for every ad. These features along with targeted keywords and a lower cost per click position Twitter as a better marketing service than many other online options. The general feel from an audience/user perspective about ads on Twitter is much more positive than on other platforms. Many feel that Twitter ads and promoted Tweets are much less intrusive and annoying than these platforms. Because Twitter doesn't interrupt the users experience with ads, people are generally more patient with the system.

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